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Procos GmbH unveils new 100 % recycled bag

Procos GmbH has produced a 100 % recycled bag, which was unveiled at the recent Pack & Gift show in Paris and will be showcased at the upcoming Packaging Innovations London and Luxepack Monaco exhibitions. With this latest innovation, Procos demonstrates once again that going totally green does not have to result in a sacrifice of luxury and prestige in packaging.

The paper stock used to make the bag contains up to 100 % post consumer waste, but is also of exceptional quality and durability. The handles of the bag also boast top sustainable credentials as they too are made from 100 % recycled materials. The bag generated a lot of interest in Paris as brand managers and designers continue to seek out packaging that has been produced with a lower environmental impact.

The 100 % recycled bag would obviously provide a long-term solution for companies operating in regions where the use of recycled material is being enforced in carrier bag production under new regulations. However, it is also sure to gain wider acclaim in its own right for its merits as a premium shopping bag. The paper and production quality are top class and any luxury brand that values environmental responsibility would be proud to put their name to it.

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