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Scenario 2
You are a medium-sized enterprise with several procurement entities in the UK and in other European countries. You can place an order for the quantity you require for the entire year. To allow you to conduct your business in a cost-effective and flexible manner, we produce between one and three batches per year. We deliver an initial product package to your procurement entities and store the remaining products – either centrally or at several sites in Europe near your locations. Your central office and your procurement entities can call up the required quantity from us using our Internet portal or by e-mail, fax, or EDI. You have permanent access to your stock, as well as to reports and statistics.

Scenario 1
You are a multinational corporation with a large number of procurement entities
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Scenario 2
You are a medium-sized enterprise with several procurement entities
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Scenario 3
You own a single store or boutique. You may wish to order
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